Anonymus, Abbreviatio ordine alphabetico materiarum (Abbas-Ymago) aliquarum quaestionum ex Quodlibetis Henrici de Gandavo

qq. 294-298


Victoria, B.C., University of Victoria Libraries, Fragm.Lat.8

Remarks by the Editor

Description and transcription (and preliminary identification of text) by Jaeden Langlois, as part of coursework for a Manuscript Studies class with Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin (English), December 2016. Fragmentarium's version taken from the PDF, which is attached as a transcription of this fragment.

General Information

Title Quodlibetal fragment containing text from Henry of Ghent’s Quodlibeta
Shelfmarks 02/J/24
Former Shelfmarks Acc. 2007-052
Material Parchment
Place of Origin France
Date of Origin s. XIV
Script, Hands

Written in black ink in Littera Parisiensis (a French Gothic university script), with red capitals and alternating red and blue paraph marks, the leaf also shows corrections throughout in lighter ink, in the form of interline additions, marginal additions, and cancellation by subpunction.

Original Condition

Page Height 305 mm
Page Width 216 mm
Number of Columns 2
Number of Lines 46 – 52

Running headers in red and black “Religio 12,” likely note the topic and section in a larger collection. The recto and verso are easily identified by the presence of ascending question numbers (295 and 296 on recto and 297 and 298 on verso).


The catchword (“penam”) on the bottom of the verso identifies this leaf as the final one in a gathering.

More about the Condition

There are two small holes in the bottom margin, which likely occurred when the parchment was stretched and prepared, and a small strip of parchment is skillfully grafted to conform to standardized dimensions.

Current Condition

Dimensions 305 x 216 mm


  • Content Item
    • Persons Henry of Ghent
    • Text Language Latin
    • Content Description

      Three of the four numbered questions on this leaf contain text from Quodlibet III of Henry of Ghent’s Quodlibeta. Thirteenth and fourteenth-century quodlibetal disputations (and the texts that represent them) are part of the university curriculum, especially in Paris: a philosophical or theological question is posed, followed by contradictions, subquestions, and unifying answers. The precise relationship of this fragment to Henry of Ghent’s work has yet to be determined, but this leaf seems to contain a summarized or redacted version of his longer text, or quotes him liberally. Question 295 takes text from question 20 of Henry’s Quodlibet III, 297 from his question 21, and 298 from his question 22. However, question 296 begins with question 7 of Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica and seems to have a less direct relationship to Henry of Ghent’s Quodlibeta than others on this leaf.


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Other available descriptions

  • Adrienne Williams Boyarin (Victoria) and William Duba (Fribourg), 2021
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