Leaf from Ghistelles book of hours


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 446

General Information

Title Leaf from Ghistelles book of hours
Shelfmarks MS Lat 446
Material vellum
Place of Origin Southwest Flanders
Script, Hands

Written in brown ink in a gothic book hand with rubrics and decorative pen work in red, blue, and gold. Also with six one-line initials, four in blue with decorative pen work in red, and two in gold; one two-line initial in gold with blue, red, white, and gold decoration; a border of red, blue and gold. Border ends at top with the head of a lion and at bottom with a man playing a pipe.

General Remarks

Probably forms a part of a whole that would include MS Lat 446.1, Houghon Library.

Original Condition

Page Height 121 mm
Page Width 84 mm
Height of Written Area 65 mm
Width of Written Area 52 mm
Number of Columns 1
Width of Columns 52 mm
Number of Lines 11
Line Height 5 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions 121 x 84 mm