Psalms 144-147


St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 1002

Sandy Maillard, Fragmentarium, 2018

Remarks by the Editor:

completed by William Duba, Fragmentarium 2019.

General Information

Title: Psalter

Former Shelfmarks: Cod. Sang. 1002

Material: Parchment

Date of Origin: ca. 1300

Original Condition

Dimensions (Page Height): at least 7 mm

Dimensions (Page Width): at least 70 mm

Height of Written Area: at least 5 mm

Width of Written Area: 53 – 54 mm

Number of Lines: at least 5

Number of Columns: 1

Line Height: 4 – 5 mm

Numbering (pages, folios, etc.):

p. 24r-24v

Current Condition

Dimensions: 7 x 140 mm

More about the Current Condition:

Strip from the innermost bifolium of what must have been a very small psalter.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: latin
    • Title: Psalm 145:13 and 147:10 + unidentified (? Rupertus Tuitiensis, De incendio Tuitiensi, XV, 22)
    • Content Description:
      • front (inside):
        • on the left (verso): Psalm 145:13: [Fidelis Dominus] in omnibus verbis suis et sanctus [in omnibus operibus suis].
        • on the right (recto): Psalm 147:10: non in fortitudine equi vo[luntatem]
      • back (outside)
        • on the verso: 147:15: [em]ictit eloquium suum terre velo[citer]
        • 144:8 [mi]serator et misericors dominus pa/tiens et multum misericors.
    • rotated_guard_24r_csg1002

Host Volume

Title: Humbertus de Romanis, De tribus votis substantialibus religionis in German. Jan van Ruusbroec, Brulocht in the Upper German tradition

Date of Origin/Publication: 15th century

Shelfmark: Cod. Sang. 1002


This manuscript, which features two ownership notes from the community of sisters of St. Georgen above St. Gall (probably from the period around 1500) on p. 3, contains two spiritual texts from the 13th and 14th century, respectively. They are a translation into German of instructions regarding the Rule of his Order by Humbert of Romans, Master General of the Dominican Order († 1277), and an Upper German version of the work Die geistliche Hochzeit (Brulocht) by the Flemish theologian Jan von Ruusbroec († 1381).

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