Book of Hours (Use of Paris)

Hours of the Holy Cross (Compline)


Bloomington, IN, Lilly Library, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts (Set 24), no. 30

Simmons School of Library and Information Science (Boston, Massachusetts) LIS 464 (Fall 2017) observations

Original Condition

Dimensions (Page Height): 180 – 185 mm

Dimensions (Page Width): 125 – 130 mm

Height of Written Area: 90 mm

Width of Written Area: 60 mm

Number of Lines: 14

Number of Columns: 1



Offered by Bernard Quaritch cat. 240 (1905), no. 230 and cat. 290 (1910), no. 253;
Sold by Quaritch to C. L. Ricketts in 1922;
C. L. Ricketts, in S. de Ricci, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada I:634, no. 116;
Sold by Parke-Bernet Galleries, 23 February 1939, lot 217;
Dismembered by Otto Ege or an associate;
Leaves used as No. 30 in Ege’s “Fifty Original Leaves of Medieval Manuscripts” portfolio;
Aquired by Lilly Library, University of Indiana in 1956.