Cluj-Napoca, Biblioteca Academiei Române, Fragm. Cod. Lat. 13

General Information

Title Antiphonale
Shelfmarks Fragm. Cod. Lat. 13
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Central Europe
Date of Origin 1301-1400
Script, Hands

One hand, neat Gothic textus praescissus.

Original Condition

Page Height 470 – 490 mm
Page Width 340 – 350 mm
Height of Written Area 345 mm
Width of Written Area 215 mm
Number of Columns 1
Width of Columns 215 mm
Number of Lines 8
Line Height 13 – 14 mm
Ruling only staves, red ink
More about the Condition

The bottom of the page was trimmed, but otherwise the leaf is close to its original size.

Current Condition

Extent One leaf.
Dimensions 420 x 340 mm
More about the Current Condition

Restored at the National Unity Museum (Alba Iulia) in 2020.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Alternating red/blue lombards (2 lines) with elaborate pen flourishing. Foliated and highlighted cadels (2 lines). The A cadel on the verso is inhabited by a plummeting dove, illustrationg the Holy Ghost of the Pentecost antiphon.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Antiphonale
    • Content Description

      Dominica Pentecostes, Ad vesperas  

      recto: [Al]//leluia alleluia alleluia. Ps. Benedictus. Euououae (!). De spiritu ad uesperas antiphona super psalmos. Ueni sancte spiritus reple tuorum corda fidelium et tui amoris in eis ignem accende qui per diuersitatem linguarum multarum gentes in unitate fidei congregasti alleluia alleluia. Laudate. Euouae. R. Repleti sunt. Versic. Repleti sunt omnes spiritu sancto alleluia. Antiphona. Non uos relinquam orphanos alleluia uado et uenio ad uos alleluia et gaudebit cor uestrum alleluia. Ps. Magnificat. Euouae.  

      verso: [An.] Alleluia spiritus paraclitus alleluia docebit uos omnia alleluia alleluia. Nunc. Euoua. [Invit.] Alleluia spiritus domini repleuit orbem terrarum uenite adoremus alleluia. Venite. [An.] Factus est repente de celo sonus aduenientis spiritus uehementis alleluia alleluia. Magnus deo. Euouae. [An.] Confirma hoc deus quod operatus es in nobis a templo sancto tuo quod est//[in Jerusalem, alleluia, alleluia].

    • recto



The manuscript appears to be a fourteenth-century Central European (Austrian?) product.


Late nineteenth-century stamps reading "Erdélyi Múz<eum> Egye<sület> Könyvtára - Kézirattár" (Hungarian: "Library of the Transylvanian Museum Association - Manuscripts"). The Transylvanian Museum Association was established in 1859; its manuscripts and old books are now mainly in the Special Collections of the Central University Library, Cluj (BCU).

Persons and Institutions Erdélyi Múzeum Egyesület - The Transylvanian Museum Association

Host Volume


Unknown origin. The leaf was kept in this condition, in a box.