Commentaries on Matthew IV, 3-V, 22


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 292

Harvard University, "HOLLIS+"

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General Information

Title: Commentaries on Matthew IV, 3-V, 22

Former Shelfmarks: MS Lat 292

Material: vellum

Place of Origin: France

Script, Hands:

Written in a protogothic script.

General Remarks:

One quire (lacks f. 1r) of lecture notes, probably from a school in Paris, judging from its appearance.

Original Condition

Dimensions (Page Height): 190 – 200 mm

Dimensions (Page Width): 140 mm

Height of Written Area: 180 – 185 mm

Width of Written Area: 115 – 120 mm

Number of Lines: 36 – 43

Number of Columns: 1

Width of Columns: 115 – 120 mm

Line Height: 5 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions: 20 cm