Bohun Bible

Old Testament in Latin


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 966

Elena Iourtaeva, Houghton Library, 2018 (Not Printed)

General Information

Material: vellum

Script, Hands:

Written in East Anglia in a gothic book hand in reddish brown ink in two columns, 22 lines per column. 

Original Condition

Page Height: 450 mm

Page Width: 310 mm

Height of Written Area: 300 mm

Width of Written Area: 197 mm

Number of Columns: 2

Width of Columns: 90 mm

Number of Lines: 22

Line Height: 14 mm


foliated "374" in upper right corner. 

Book Decoration


2-line chapter initials are in gold, blue and light red, with foliate decoration


Persons and Institutions: Sanborn, Ashton Rollins [former owner]


Formerly cited as part of MS Typ 405. 


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  • Harvard University, "HOLLIS # 010132847"