Bohun Bible

Old Testament in Latin


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 966

General Information

Material vellum
Script, Hands

Written in East Anglia in a gothic book hand in reddish brown ink in two columns, 22 lines per column. 

Original Condition

Page Height 450 mm
Page Width 310 mm
Height of Written Area 300 mm
Width of Written Area 197 mm
Number of Columns 2
Width of Columns 90 mm
Number of Lines 22
Line Height 14 mm

foliated "374" in upper right corner. 

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


2-line chapter initials are in gold, blue and light red, with foliate decoration


Persons and Institutions Sanborn, Ashton Rollins [former owner]

Formerly cited as part of MS Typ 405. 


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  • Harvard University, "HOLLIS # 010132847"