Justinianus, Digesta with gloss

Books 10, 11, 19 and 20


Antwerpen, FelixArchief, 2201 # 47

Remarks by the Editor

Additonal notes by Roos in't Velt, Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken, 2023.

General Information

Title Justinianus, <i>Digesta</i> with gloss
Shelfmarks Antwerpen, FelixArchief, 2201 # 47
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Italy
Date of Origin 14th century
Script, Hands

Main text written in southern gothica textualis formata, glosses written in southern gothica textualis libraria. 

Original Condition

Page Height at least 318 mm
Page Width 280 mm
Height of Written Area 247 mm
Width of Written Area 136 mm
Number of Columns 2
Width of Columns 61 mm
Number of Lines 46
Line Height 5 mm
Ruling Full lead-point ruling
More about the Condition

Running titles in upper margin. Textus inclusus with glosses.

Current Condition

Extent 4 leaves (trimmed)
Dimensions 318 x 280 mm
More about the Current Condition

All leaves are trimmed. Fol. [1] only misses part of its lower margin, while fol. [2] and [4] were completely trimmed in half. Fol. [3] was also trimmed in its lower margin, but also misses a large part of its upper outer margin.

Fragments contain several annotations by later readers, such as manicula and pen drawings. Fol. [3]r, for instance, contains a fanciful head, as well as a doodle inspired by the medieval illumination right next to it.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic initials with gilding (fol. [2]r and [3]v). Fol. [2]r contains an inhabited initial depicting a rooster; a pointing drollery (naked monk?) is found at the end of its marginal extension.

Ornamental penwork borders in red and blue ink (fol. [1] and [4]). Pen-flourished plain initials, alternately in red and blue ink. Paraphs alternately in red and blue ink. Red rubrication.


  • Content Item
    • Persons Justinianus I (compiler)
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title <i>Digesta</i> with gloss
    • Content Description

      Digesta, Books 10, 11, 19 and 20, with gloss.

      • Fol. [1]r: Digesta, Book X.4.4 - 4.7: "Nam et cum eo, apud quem [...] et usucapere eos posse constat...".
      • Fol. [1]v: Digesta, Book X.4.7 - X.4.9: "... idem et in collegiis ceterisque [...] Quantum autem ad hanc ...".
      • Fol. [2]r: Digesta, Book XI.6.3.4 - XI.6.4; XI.6.7.1 - XI.7.1: "... si a iudice adhibitus contra me renuntiaverit [...] contrahere creditur non cum herede..."
      • Fol. [2]v: Digesta, Book XI.7.2.5 - XI.7.2.7; XI.7.4-7.6pr: "...[quate]nus corpus humatum est [...] hereditario adquisiit. sed in utro[que]..."
      • Fol. [3]r: Digesta, Book IXX.1.47 - IXX.1.52.1: "Lucius Titius accepta pecunia [...] Praedium aestimatum in dotem..."
      • Fol. [3]v: Digesta, Book IXX.1.52.1 - IXX.2.1: "... a patre filiae suae nomine datum [...] Locatio et conductio cum naturalis sit..."
      • Fol. [4]r: Digesta, Book XX.6.5-6; XX.6.7.1-4 "...[di]ci ut et ab hypotheca discedatur [...] pro indiviso pro parte di[midia]..."
      • Fol. [4]v: Digesta, Book XX.6.8.5-7, XX.6.8.9-12 "... res pignori sit quam peculiariter [...] sit in bonis debitoris an vero..."

    • fol. [1]r

Host Volume

Title Register of the assizes of beer in the city of Antwerp, for February 1570 - April 1571
Date of Origin/Publication 1 February 1570 - 30 April 1571
Place of Origin/Publication Antwerp
Shelfmark Antwerpen, FelixArchief, T # 1481 ('1570-71')
Persons Pieter de Neese (supervisor of the beer assizes at Antwerp, scribe/keep of host volume)
Conditions of Deposit Backside of the volume is covered in mold. As fol. [3] and [4] are covered in similar patterns of mold, they were probably used as flyleaves in the back.

The fragments were used as flyleaves in a register of the assizes of beer in the city of Antwerp kept between 1 February 1570 and 30 April 1571 ('Assijsboeck vande binnenbier assijs der stadt van Antwerpen onder tstadth[...] beginnende Prima february 1570 [...] Ende eyndende vltima apriliz 1571').

The volume was kept by Pieter de Neese. De Neese also probably added the pen drawings to the fragments, as other registers kept by De Neese contain similar drawings.

A paper label with the note '1570-71' is attached to the bifolium, referring to this origin.