Praefatio Eusebii Ieronimi in Ezram


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 315

General Information

Title Praefatio Eusebii Ieronimi in Ezram : manuscript, [11--]
Material vellum
Script, Hands

mature 12th-century minuscule script

Original Condition

Number of Columns 2
Number of Lines 30

Current Condition

More about the Current Condition

The fragment is of 22 lines of 1 column

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


On the recto is a 6-line initial U made up of interlace in blue, green and orange. 


  • Content Item
    • Persons Jerome, Saint, -419 or 420.
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Praefatio Eusebii Ieronimi in Ezram
    • Remarks

      Probably part of the same ms. as Paris Bibl. nat. de Fr. lat. 8823, to be identified with a 5-volume Bible of the Cistercian abbey of Pontigny. 


  • Light, Bible in the twelfth century, 15 no. 2. 

  • M. Peyrafort-Huin, La bibliothèque médiévale de l'Abbaye de Pontigny (2001), 556-7.