Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 961

Elena Iourtaeva, Houghton Library, 2018 (Not Printed)

General Information

Material: vellum

Script, Hands:

The Latin text is written in a tall gothic book hand in black ink. Initial letters are in black and red with pen-work decoration. Musical notation is square black notes on a red 4-line staff. 

General Remarks:

Original Condition

Page Height: 500 mm

Page Width: 395 mm

Height of Written Area: 360 mm

Width of Written Area: 260 mm

Number of Columns: 1

Number of Lines: 8

Line Height: 41 – 45 mm


The top margin has old folio numbers 222 and 495. . 

Book Decoration


The recto shows a large initial A historiated with the scene of the Presentation (Luke 2.25). 



Probably written at Regensburg, ca. 1310. The name "Gerwirch" is written beside an illumination on one of the Morgan leaves. This is likely the name of the female donor. 


Another 3 leaves of this ms. are Morgan Library M.870.1, 2, 3.