Augustini Sermones

sermo 140 and 212


St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 1395

Lowe Elias Avery, Codices Latini Antiquiores. A palaeographical guide to latin manuscripts prior to the ninth century. Part VII: Switzerland, Oxford 1956 (Osnabrück 1982)., 42 (Printed)

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General Information

Title: Augustinus, Sermones (CXL, CCXII)

Material: Parchment dark brown on the hair-side

Place of Origin: Written presumably in North Italy, tojudge from the script, possibly in a sciptorium with Insular connexions.

Date of Origin: SAEC. VII

Script, Hands:

Colophons in large black capitals mixed with uncial. Headings in red uncial. Punctuation: the colon marks the main pauses, the medial point lesser pauses. Abbreviations include the normal forms of Nomina Sacra and "quoniam". Omitted M, even in mid-line, is marked by a horizontal stroke.

Script is a bold but irregular uncial, with M mostly in a half-uncial form: the lower bow of B is broad; i-longa is used initially here and there; the second upright of N is mostly comma-shaped, recalling the practice in North Italian manuscripts.

General Remarks:

Ink greyish-brown.

Original Condition

Number of Lines: at least 24

Ruling: Ruling on the flesh-side, possibly after folding. Double bounding lines in both margins. Prickings in both margins guided the ruling.

Current Condition

Dimensions: 235 x ca. 185 mm. <183 x ca. 145 mm.>

More about the Current Condition:

Two single folios, paginated 412 - 415 in a miscellany;


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    • Persons: Augustinus



Belonged to St. Gall by the fifteenth century (see the entry of that date at the top of p.415).