Petrus Damiani, Liber gratissimus


Schaffhausen, Ministerialbibliothek, Min. 27

General Information

Title Petrus Damiani, Liber gratissimus
Shelfmarks Min. 27
Page/Folio Reference f. 103r-v
Material Parchment
Date of Origin ca. 1060 - 1100
Script, Hands

Carolingian minuscule

Original Condition

Page Height 215 mm
Page Width 145 mm
Height of Written Area 174 mm
Width of Written Area 130 mm
Number of Columns 1
Number of Lines 31
Ruling lead ruling, pricking in the outer margin

Current Condition

Extent 1 leaf
Dimensions 215 x 145 mm
More about the Current Condition

The fragment was used as the rear pastedown of the host volume, turned upside-down, until it was detached during the restoration of the 15th-c. binding, and bound at the back of the codex (for the front pastedown, see fragment F-hkvp).


  • Content Item
    • Persons Petrus Damiani
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Liber gratissimus ad Henricum Ravennatem archiepiscopum
    • Content Description

      f. 103r-v: ... //vehementer iratos apostolos martyres...-...duce Christo littus aspicientes, portui propinquamus. (Cap. XXXIX. "Invehitur scriptor in Simoniacos")

    • 103r
    • Edition éd. Ernst Dümmler 1891, MGH, Ldl1, p. 73 , l. 6 - p. 74, l. 2
    • Remarks

      Following the catalogue by Gamper/Knoch-Mund/ Stähli (1994), another fragment of the Liber Gratissimus by Petrus Damiani (MGH, LdL. 1, p. 69, l. 28 - p. 70, l. 23) was used as the rear pastedown of Min. 39. It has disappeared and is known by a photograph (1950 ca.), and by the description of Bruckner, Scriptoria (Bd. 6, 1952, p. 102: "unvollständiges Doppelbl., Masse des ganzes Stücks: 18,5 x 20,5 cm, volles, einfaches Bl.: noch 14,5 x 20,5 cm; (12,8 (12,2) x 17 cm). 31 Z. B: ab//c. Rand beschnitten. Z noch sichtbar. L mit Griffel. Feine zierliche Minuskel, 11. Jh., wahrscheinlich aus Schaffhausen").

Host Volume

Title Augustinus, De doctrina christiana
Date of Origin/Publication 1080-1096
Place of Origin/Publication Schaffhausen, Allerheiligen
Shelfmark Min. 27


  • Gamper Rudolf / Knoch-Mund Gaby / Stähli Marlis, Katalog der mittelalterlichen Handschriften der Ministerialbibliothek Schaffhausen, Dietikon-Zürich 1994, p. 131.