Petrus Berchorius, Repertorium morale

s.v. Habitare


St. Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek St. Gallen, Vadianische Sammlung, VadSlg Ms. 296

General Information

Title Petrus Berchorius, Repertorium morale
Shelfmarks VadSlg Ms. 296
Page/Folio Reference Front and back cover
Material Parchment
Script, Hands

southern textualis

Original Condition

Page Height at least 260 mm
Page Width at least 134 mm
Number of Lines at least 47
Ruling ink ruling
More about the Condition

The entire folio was probably intended to have 2 columns of text.

Current Condition

Extent 2 trimmed folios
Dimensions 260 x 134 mm
More about the Current Condition

The folios are glued on the 17th century binding and portrude into the inside of the binding with small bits of the text.


  • Content Item
    • Persons Petrus Berchorius
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Repertorium morale (s.v. Habitare)
    • Content Description

      The content is given in the reading order, which is contrary to the physical order of the 2 fragments. 

      • back cover: Et ideo pro dolor quam multi sunt...sic vere dyabolus hodie seminavit in agro ecclesiae dentes serpentinos id est homines pecca//, followed on the back of the cover by one line: [transfor]mantur in milites quia scilicet//
      • front cover: [fal/]laciter fraudantes syrenes in qui sunt suis cantibus faciunt nautas [dor]mire. De istis ergo habi[ta]toribus et...Leonium gencium assimilatus es et draconi est in mare. Ideo talibus di Soph. ii. De qui habitabis//, followed on the back of binding by one line: [habi]taverat ezechiel. Ezechiel//
    • Front cover

Host Volume

Title Boethius, De arithmetica and De institutione musica
Date of Origin/Publication 12th c.
Shelfmark VadSlg Ms. 296