Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 272

Harvard University, "HOLLIS+" (Not Printed)

Description URL: http://id.lib.harvard.edu/alma/990094068530203941/catalog

General Information

Title: Evangeliary

Shelfmarks: MS Lat 272

Material: vellum

Place of Origin: Tours

Script, Hands:

Portion of one bifolium, written in uncial script in two columns, probably at Tours. 

General Remarks:

Contains text from the Gospel according to St. Mark (VIII, 33; IX, 6; IX, 20; and IX, 34).

Original Condition

Page Height: 75 – 80 mm

Page Width: at least 225 mm

Height of Written Area: 75 – 80 mm

Width of Written Area: 130 – 140 mm

Number of Columns: 2

Width of Columns: 110 – 125 mm

Number of Lines: at least 10

Line Height: 5 mm

More about the Condition:

Fragment was apparently once used to reinforce a binding.

Current Condition

Dimensions: 37.5 x 8 cm


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  •  Bond and Faye, 245.

  • E. K. Rand, Studies in the script of Tours, II, 1934, 86.