Antwerpen, Rijksarchief te Antwerpen, Verzameling Losse Aanwinsten, nr. 15.2

General Information

Title Missal
Shelfmarks Verzameling Losse Aanwinsten, nr. 15.2
Former Shelfmarks nr. 4
Material Parchment
Date of Origin s. XIII
Script, Hands

Northern gothica textualis (s. XIII): striking difference between bold and hairlines. Small "s", "h", and feet of minims nearly entirely closed with hairlines. The ascender of the "d" can b slanted, straight with flat top, or looped. Frequent abbreviations, not in musical notations. 

Later additions in margins, possibly calculations and library references from 18-19th century.

Original Condition

Page Height 300 – 304 mm
Page Width 206 – 211 mm
Height of Written Area at least 235 mm
Width of Written Area 183 mm
Number of Columns 2
Width of Columns 80 – 85 mm
Number of Lines at least 28
Line Height 8 mm
Ruling ruling in plumet (columns and lines), no pricking visible

Current Condition

Dimensions 302 x 210
More about the Current Condition

Page has been trimmed, removing the left and upper margin, and the top lines. Possibly used as a cover.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


pen-flourished initials (red and blue, alternating colour decoration/initial), plain initials, rubrics (red), versals (red, musical notations only), colour stroking (red)

  • Musical Notation

    Neume notation, staves of 4 red lines

  • Content

    • Content Item
      • Text Language Latin
      • Title Missal
      • Content Description

        fol.1r, col. a, l.1-2 - Colossenses 1:28. sapientia ut exhibeam<us> omnem hominem p<er>fectum . in <Christ>o ih<es>u domino nostro .

        fol.1r, col.a, l.2-28-fol.1r, col.b, r.1-19 - Luke 4:14-37. s<e>c<un>d<u>m lucam. Reuersus est ih<e>c<us> inuirtute sp<iritu>s in galyleam .. in omnem locum regionis.

        fol. 1r, bottom col. b - musical notation (introit?), third Sunday after Epiphany. Psalm 96. D<omi>n<i>ca iii. Adorate deum omnes angeli ... letentur insule multe.

        fol. 1r, col.b, last 2 lines - Vesper prayer after Epiphany. coll<e>c<tion>a (?). Om<ni>p<otens> sempiterne d<eu>s, infirmitatem n<ost>ram p<ro>pitius re.

        lacuna from recto to verso because of trimming page.

        fol.1v, col.a, l.1-16 - Romanos 12:16-21. nulli malum pro malo ... sed uince in bono malu<m>.

        fol.1v, bottom col.a - musical notation (gradual?), third Sunday after Epiphany. Psalm 101:16-17. Timebunt gentes nomen tuum ... uidebitur in maiestate sua. Ave.

        fol.1v, upper col.b - musical notation, possibly continuation previous entry. letentur insule multe.

        fol.1v, col.b, l. 1-24 - Matthew 8:1-9. s<e>c<un>d<u>m math<eu>m. Cum descendisset ih<e>c<us> de monte ... ueni et uenit . Et servo. 

      • fol. [1]r
      • Glosses and Additions Later additions in margins, possibly calculations and library references from 18-19th century.
      • Secondary Literature Cantus ID g00625, g00626; Gregorien 8121, 237

    Host Volume


    unknown, possibly used as a wrapper.