Book of Hours

End of Penitential Psalms and start of Litany


Victoria, B.C., University of Victoria Libraries, Fragm.Brown.Lat.11

Remarks by the Editor

Description produced as part of the course "In the Archives" taught by Prof. Adrienne Williams Boyarin, University of Victoria, 2021.

General Information

Title Book of Hours
Shelfmarks Fragm.Brown.Lat.11
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Flanders?
Date of Origin 1450–1500
Script, Hands

Northern Textualis

General Remarks

Single illuminated leaf from a Book of Hours with start of Litany of Saints.

Current Condition

Extent 1 leaf
Dimensions 127 x 83 mm
More about the Current Condition

Single column, 13 lines per column, plummet ruling. Hair follicles visible on recto. Leaf has been trimmed so that no evidence of pricking or previous binding is visible. Small squares of adhesive padding on each corner of verso, where the leaf was previously affixed to frame matting. 

Though the University of Victoria Special Collections page for this fragment says that the leaf is framed, this is no longer the case. The leaf was removed from the donor's frame for use in teaching in 2015.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Initials in gold with blue and red backgrounds. Largest three-line inital (K in "Kyrieleyson" at start of litany) and first initial on recto show decorative white line work as well. Line fillers in same colours with geomatric patterns. Foliate border extends from initials on recto. "Or" abbreviations (for "Ora pro nobis") on verso crossed with red. 


  • Content Item
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Book of Hours, Litany
    • Content Description

      The first line of the recto is identifiable as the end of the Penitential Psalms (versicles after Psalm 142), and the Litany follows.

    • recto



Donated to University of Victoria Libraries in 1993 by Bruce and Dorothy Brown.