Christ before Pilate illuminated leaf

Tarleton book of hours


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 451

Harvard University, "HOLLIS+" (Not Printed)

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General Information

Title: Christ before Pilate illuminated leaf

Shelfmarks: MS Lat 451

Material: Parchment

Place of Origin: France

Script, Hands:

Manuscript written in brown ink in a bastarda book hand with rubrics

Original Condition

Page Height: 135 mm

Page Width: 110 mm

Height of Written Area: 115 mm

Width of Written Area: 70 mm

Number of Columns: 1

Width of Columns: 70 mm

Number of Lines: 21

Line Height: 5 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions: 14 cm

Book Decoration

Persons: Miniature is attributed the the Master of the Harvard Hannibal.


9 decorated initials, one 4-line floriated initial in gold, red, blue, and white, other initals are 1- and 2-line initials in gold, blue, lavender, and white. One side of the leaf has a floriated boarder in gold, red, blue, white, black, and green and also a 3/4 page illuminated image.