Gospel of Luke


Alexandria, Patriarchal Library, Cod. 92 [olim 251; 167 (ΡΞΖ)]

Athina Almpani, MIET 2018

General Information

Title: Gospel of Luke

Former Shelfmarks: Cod. 92 [olim 251; 167 (ΡΞΖ)]

Material: Parchment

Date of Origin: 801 - 1000 CE

Script, Hands:

  • text is a majuscule script with decorated initials.
  • the marginal notes are are written in a minuscule script, probably by a later hand or hands.

General Remarks:

  • The text of the main codex ends on 440rb, and is followed by a colophon there.
  • After that, a later hand wrote a text from the Menaion for 25 December (f. 440rb-vb).
  • Then follows a paper bifolium inserted as two flyleaves (ff. 441-442) providing part of the Menaion for 24 December (missing the beginning);  [Matins, not from the beginning (acephalous text). The text is continuous across the leaves.
  • Lastly, there are two parchment folios (ff. 443-444) that derive from an Evangelistarion (the current fragment).

Original Condition

Dimensions (Page Height): up to 290 mm

Dimensions (Page Width): up to 220 mm

Number of Lines: 22

Number of Columns: 2

Numbering (pages, folios, etc.):

  • Legible foliation by a later hand.
  • The foliation is continuous between the main text and the back flyleaves (paper & parchment ones).

Current Condition

Dimensions: 290 x 220 mm

More about the Current Condition:

The parchment flyleaves seem either have had the the same dimensions as the host volume (290 x 220 mm), or to have been cropped to match them.

Book Decoration


Decorated initials


  • Content Item
    • Persons:
    • Text Language: Ancient Greek
    • Title: Evangelistarion
    • Content Description:

      The text :

      f. 443ra-b : Luke 9:29-35

      f. 443va : Luke 9:35-36 (until the 19th line)

      f. 443va-b : Luke 9: 43-4 (the text is terminated abruptly) 

      f. 444ra-b : Luke 10:11 (the beginning of the pericope is missing) - 15 (f. 444rb, until the 5th line)

      f. 444rb : Luke 7:1-3

      f. 444va-b : Luke 7:3-8

      About the time of the these Gospel readings: The annual cycle of the Gospels is composed of four series. The Gospel of St. Luke is divided over nineteen weeks beginning on the Monday after the Elevation of the Holy Cross. From the thirteenth week, it is only read on Saturdays and Sundays, while St. Mark's Gospel is read on the remaining weekdays.

    • PLA_92_ff_442v_443r_back_flyleaves_
    • Musical Notation: Neumes
    • Remarks:
      • Common abbreviations and phonetic symbols throughout the text.
      • Notes in the margins. 

Host Volume

Title: Menaion (September - February) with Synaxaria. (Bombycin paper codex)

Date of Origin/Publication: 1331 A.D.

Shelfmark: Cod. 92 [olim 251; 167 (ΡΞΖ)]


Leather binding


  • Catalogue: T. Moschonas, Πατριαρχεῖον Ἀλεξανδρείας. Κατάλογοι τῆς πατριαρχικῆς βιβλιοθήκης. Τόμος Α'. Χειρόγραφα, Alexandria, 1945, p. 90-91.