Wednesday Octoechos, Tone I


Amorgos, Panagias Chozoviotissas Monastery, MS 64

Athina Almpani, MIET 2018

Remarks by the Editor:

There is no previous reference to the existence of these fragments (back flyleaves).

General Information

Title: Wednesday Octoechos, Tone I

Former Shelfmarks: MS 64

Material: Parchment

Date of Origin: 12th or 13th century (more likely early earlier than later)

Script, Hands:


General Remarks:

Unlike the paper flyleaves in the codex, this fragment is written carefully and was probably used during the liturgical year.

Original Condition

Dimensions (Page Width): at least 150 mm

Number of Columns: 1

Numbering (pages, folios, etc.):

  • A later hand has foliated all flyleaves; this one is n. XI.
  • The parchment part seems to be attached to the 11th flyleaf.
  • This leaf (XI) consists of parchment and paper parts (at least two or more - images 6th & 7th at the end of the MS).

More about the Condition:

  • The parchment has suffered severe damage.
  • It seems to be attached to the next (paper) flyleaf. 

Book Decoration


Decorated initials (Η & Φ).


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: Ancient Greek
    • Title: Great Octoechos: Wednesday Octoechos, Tone I.
    • Content Description:

      Part of the (Hagiopolitan) Octoechos for Tuesday in Tone I.

    • Amorgos_MS_64_7th_image_at_the_end_legible_appearance_
    • Remarks:
      • It could be argued that the parchment fragment at the end is from the same manuscript as the parchment fragment (F-zuov, 64) joined, but not in sequence, with the corresponding parchment fragment at the beginning of the codex. Both fragments contain parts from Octoechos and have similar scripts, and both are found bound in the same host volume.
      • On the other hand, this fragment has majuscule initials (Η & Φ), while the fragment at the front is in minuscule without initials. Yet both fragments were trimmed to fit the host volume;  for this (back) fragment, the ends of each row has been removed; for the front fragment, the beginnings are missing. Therefore, there is no information about the initials for front fragment. 


Persons and Institutions: Amorgos, Panagias Chozoviotissas Monastery

Host Volume

Title: Text for the Liturgy (service) for the Feast Day of St. Thomas, apostle (October 6). Paper codex from the 17th century.

Date of Origin/Publication: 17th century

Shelfmark: MS 64


  • Catalogue: L. Politis, Συνοπτικὴ ἀναγραφὴ χειρογράφων ἑλληνικῶν συλλογῶν, (Ἑλληνικά. 25), Thessaloniki 1976, p. 76.