Poetria nova

Chs. 3.101–4.123 and 5.254–309


Victoria, B.C., University of Victoria Libraries, MS.Brown.It.1

Remarks by the Editor

Description completed by student in Adrienne Williams Boyarin's manuscript studies course (University of Victoria, Fall 2015, see PDF), entered here by student in her "In the Archives" course, Spring 2021.

General Information

Title Poetria nova
Shelfmarks MS Brown.It.1
Page/Folio Reference f. 36
Material parchment
Place of Origin France?
Date of Origin ca. 1350
Script, Hands

Documentary hand, possibly from France

General Remarks

Parchment bifolium in University of Victoria Libraries MS.Brown.It.1 (a c16 - c17 recipe miscellany)

Original Condition

Page Height 167 mm
Page Width 97 mm
Number of Columns 1
Number of Lines 24 – 31
More about the Condition

Fragment once constituted two leaves of a Poetria nova quire written in single columns, ruled in pencil for 24–31 lines per page. This bifolium was once in the 3-6 position in a quire of 8, likely the first quire of a copy of the Poetria nova that, if a complete, had 5 quires of 8 (about 100 lines per bifolium, or about 400-425 lines per quire; the full poem is 2120 lines long).

Current Condition

Extent 1 bifolium
Dimensions 334 x 194 mm
More about the Current Condition

The bifolium has been washed and flattened to make a single leaf in situ, rotated 90 degrees to the left, and reused. One side is almost entirely covered by two pieces of paper (with recipes in Italian) glued to the parchment.


  • Content Item
    • Persons Geoffrey of Vinsauf
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Poetria nova
    • Content Description

      Portions of the text visible under UV light come from third, fourth, and fifth chapter divisions of the poem: 3.101-4.123, 5.254-260, and 5.281-309.

    • recto_in_situ
    • Edition Anna Calvo Revilla, ed., Poetria nova, Collección Perspectivas, Serie Textos (Madrid, 2009)



Host volume donated to the University of Victoria in 1992 by Bruce and Dorothy Brown; purchased by the Browns from Maggs Brothers Ltd, London 

Host Volume

Title Medicinal and culinary miscellany
Date of Origin/Publication 16th–17th centuries
Shelfmark MS Brown.It.1
Page/Folio Reference: f. 36

Miscellany of medical recipes, culinary recipes, and other ephemera, mostly in Italian (Bolognese dialect), some in Latin. Incomplete composite manuscript, compiled for personal use. Variety of scribal hands. One dated folio (32v): "3 Dbre 1614 in bolog (n) oa." Some lively pen trials and doodles (ff. 50-51). 33 leaves, old 17th-century foliation 31-62, modern foliation in pencil, on paper with the exception of one leaf of reused medieval parchment (f. 36). Paper quality and size inconsistent, some watermarks visible. Bound in plain modern boards. 300 x 220 cm.