Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 119

General Information

Title Bible
Shelfmarks MS Typ 119
Material vellum
Place of Origin Northern France
Script, Hands

Written in Northern France, in a formal gothic book hand in two columns of 30 lines each. 

Current Condition

Dimensions 49 cm
More about the Current Condition

In a brown cloth 4-flap case, 51 x 38 cm.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


There are one very large historiated initial (beginning of Genesis) and 2 large initials in colors and gold (prologue to Genesis and prologue to Deuteronomy). Other initials and headlines are in red and blue with pen-work decoration.


  • Illuminated and calligraphic manuscripts (1955), 14 (no. 26 and plate 15).

  • Bond and Faye, 260.

  •  L. Light, The Bible in the twelfth century, 16-17, with further bibliography and locations of leaves from this Bible in other libraries.