Henricus de Segusia, Lectura in Decretales Gregorii IX

Rubrica De crimine falsi, cap. 8


Toruń, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Ob.6.II.519

General Information

Title Henricus de Segusia, Lectura in Decretales Gregorii IX
Shelfmarks Ob.6.II.519
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Italy?
Date of Origin 1275-1300

Original Condition

Page Height at least 190 mm
Page Width at least 240 mm
Width of Written Area at least 185 mm
Number of Columns 2
Width of Columns 80 – 85 mm
Line Height 3 – 4 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions 285 x 190
More about the Current Condition

The top of the bifolium and almost the entire left page have been cut off.

On the back cover the text is worn, illegible.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Alternating red and blue paragraphs in the text.


  • Content Item
    • Persons Henricus de Segusia
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Lectura in Decretales Gregorii IX
    • Content Description

      Back cover, rubrica De crimine falsi, cap. 8 (at the beginning, the text is illegible and worn) …[Artal] dus, nam antea non valet appelatio [nisi canonica], arg.ff. de novi ope. nunc [de pupilo]… >< ...medias [causas voco omnes spirituales] et ecclesiasticas exceptis [maioribus et in his me]diis non valet appelatioǁ

      Front cover, rubrica De crimine falsi, cap. 8: ǁ In his autem dissonant, quia maiores cause sunt proprie et specialiter iurisdictionis sedis apostolice, ideo in casibus illis, in quibus iure permittere interior potest cognoscere de maioribus, si qualitercunque contigat ad sedem apostolicam appellari... >< ...Dum tamen de appellatione facta adversarius, vel iudex certificatus fuerit, quo dicit ut ǁ 

    • _65A9142_1
    • Edition Henrici de Segusio cardinalis Hostiensis… In quintum Decretalium librum commentaria…, Venetiis 1581, f. 62v.





The host volume comes from the collection of David Bläsing (1660–1719, see ex-libris on the front pastedown) a student of the University in Leipzig, professor of mathematics and philosophy at the University in Königsberg, who donated his collection of 3000 volumes to the University Library (see also fragments Pol.6.II.724-732, 992-1039, Ob.6.II.760, 906, 1838-1843, 2389-2393).

In the years 1827-1944 the volume belonged to the Royal (then State) and University Library in Königsberg. Then, as a result of the evacuation of the most valuable collections of the library and the change of state borders after the second world war, the evacuated books (among them the host volume) found themselves in the territory of the Polish state. In July 1946, by the decision of the Ministry of Education, they were transferred to the University Library in Toruń.

Persons and Institutions 1. David Bläsing (1660-1719); 2. University Library in Königsberg; 3. Royal (since 1918: State) and University Library in Königsberg (1827-1944); 4. University Library in Toruń

Host Volume

Title Centuriae tres exercitationum theologicarum complectentium doctrinam, consentientem scripts Prophetarum, Apostolorum et Orthodoxae antiquitatis: scriptae, autore Georgio Bachmano S. Theologiae Baculario, 1597, Witebergae ex Officina Cratoniana (VD16 B 5)
Date of Origin/Publication 1597
Shelfmark Ob.6.II.519

The letters embosssed on the front cover: "IHS" and the date: 1605.