Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum

General Information

Title Antiphonarium
Material Unknown
Script, Hands

Southern textualis (prescissa).

Original Condition

Page Height up to 586 mm
Page Width up to 382 mm
Height of Written Area up to 426 mm
Width of Written Area up to 255 mm
Number of Columns 1

Labelled xxxv halfway down right hand margin of recto.

Current Condition

Dimensions 586 x 382 mm

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Opening initial of Lauds in blue and red; the following antiphon has an initial in black penwork.

  • Musical Notation

    7 staves, each of five red lines. Black square notation; f-clef is formed of three lozenges, custodes are at a 45-degree angle with an upward tail. Extremely faint lines of division present. 

  • History


    Probably originally from Spain(?) but acquired in Paris; now in Germany.