Sumula sumularum magistri Johanne Wyclif


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 338

General Information

Title Sumula sumularum magistri Johanne Wyclif
Shelfmarks MS Lat 338
Material vellum
Place of Origin Italy
Script, Hands

Fragment in a sewn quire, written in Italy in an unidentified hand in a documentary script with colored initials and paraphs in red.

General Remarks
Not known to W. W. Shirley, Catalogue of the original works of John Wyclif, ed. J. Loserth (London, 1924).
Not known to S. H. Thompson, "The order of writing of Wyclif's philosophical works," Ĉeskou Minulosti (Prague, 1929).

Current Condition

Dimensions 30 cm