Maximus Taurinensis, Homiliae

In die nativitatis S. Joannis Baptistae (homillia LXV, iii-vi)


Cluj-Napoca, Biblioteca Academiei Române, MS C. 173

General Information

Title Maximus Taurinensis, Homiliae
Shelfmarks MS C. 173 (wrapper)
Page/Folio Reference wrapper
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Central Europe?
Date of Origin 1301-1350
Script, Hands

One hand, neat Gothic textualis, with very few abbreviations (e.g. et written in full). Note the double-bow a, the two morphologies of the d (straight, round), and the treatment of minims, with or without feet. Occasional dotting of i (hairline).

Original Condition

Page Height 460 – 480 mm
Page Width 320 – 330 mm
Height of Written Area 400 – 410 mm
Width of Written Area 230 mm
Number of Columns 2
Width of Columns 105 mm
Number of Lines 32 – 35
Ruling faint black ink

Current Condition

Extent 1/2 of the original leaf, cropped from the centre of the written area
Dimensions 33 x 20 cm

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Only simple rubricated initials and section numbers.


  • Content Item
    • Persons
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Homiliae
    • Content Description

      [Homilia LXV, In die nativitatis S. Joannis Baptistae]

      [col a:] „[om]//nium beatissimus [paruul]orum qui intra uisce[ra]...; IIII. Et quam decuit fratres...  X Zacharias [...] [p]ater futurus; [col b:] [angelo loquen]ti non credidit usum loquentis amisit...; V. Os enim, quod angelus clauserat... X et recepisse serrmonem. VI// (PL 57, coll. 384-385).

    • MS_C_173
    • Edition PL 57, coll. 384-385





The host volume is a school manuscript (Aristotle, Physics), copied in 1695 (f. 157v) at the Jesuit College of Trnava (Slovakia) by the Transylvanian Jesuit Paulus Almasi, who signed his name on the first flyleaf. Almasi also noted the name of his teacher, 'Franciscus Raulin' ('Sub R. P. Francisco Raulin', f. 1r). Almasi also taught at Trnava. The volume later belonged to the Jesuit college of Cluj-Mănăștur and Cluj. See list of Trnava SJ College in Karl A. F. Fischer, "Die Kaschauer und Tyrnauer Jesuiten-Universitäten im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert: Namenslisten der Professoren, Ungarn-Jahrbuch 15 (1987), p. 153.

Host Volume

Title Octo Librorum Physicorum Aristotelis Stagyritae Peripateticorum Principis
Date of Origin/Publication 1659
Place of Origin/Publication Trnava, Slovakia
Shelfmark MS C. 173
Persons Paulus Almasi, SJ, teacher at the Jesuit College of Trnava around 1659 Franciscus Raulin, teacher at the Jesuit College of Trnava around 1659