Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum

General Information

Title Antiphonarium
Material Parchment

Original Condition

Page Height 550 – 560 mm
Page Width 377 – 390 mm
Height of Written Area 405 – 410 mm
Width of Written Area up to 255 mm
Number of Columns 1

Catchword present on one folio.

Current Condition

More about the Current Condition

Two fragments, probably from the same volume.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Alternating red/blue and blue/red initials with penwork.

  • Musical Notation

    Five staves per page with a red four-line staff. Square notation. Very narrow clefs and custodes. Red lines of division. 

  • History


    Bought in Paris ca. 1930, according to a note on the frame.