Old Testament

Genesis 23:16-24:7


St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 402

Sandy Maillard, Fragmentarium, 2018 (Not Printed)

General Information

Title: Genesis

Shelfmarks: Cod. Sang. 402

Material: Wood

Date of Origin: First half of Twelfth Century

Original Condition

Page Height: at least 245 mm

Page Width: at least 160 mm

Height of Written Area: 240 – 245 mm

Width of Written Area: 155 – 160 mm

Number of Columns: 1

Number of Lines: 24

Line Height: 10 mm

More about the Condition:

Line height: 10.1 mm/line (via photogrammetry)

Current Condition

Dimensions: 200 x 150 mm


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: Latin
    • Title: Genesis 23:16-24:7
    • Content Description:

      Two offsets, each containing a passage from the Genesis :

      • from 23:16 pecuniam quam Ephron to 23:20 confirmatus est ager (goes probably on until Abrahae)
      • from 24:3 ut non accipias to 24:7 de terra nativitatis meae qui
    • Remarks:

      From the same page.

Host Volume

Title: Roman Breviary for Sundays and feast days

Date of Origin/Publication: 14th century

Shelfmark: Cod. Sang. 402


Book of hours, composed for an unknown convent in the diocese of Basel: excellent example of early Gothic book art. With a Calendar, 14 miniatures of the life of Christ and Mary, the Psalter, Canticles and an All Saints' Litany.

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