Theological text?


St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, Cod. Sang. 587

Sandy Maillard, Fragmentarium, 2018 (Not Printed)

Remarks by the Editor:

some observations integrated by Duba 2019

General Information

Title: Theological Text

Shelfmarks: Cod. Sang. 587, p. V3

Material: Parchment

Date of Origin: Late 14th or early 15th century.

Script, Hands:

According to von Scarpatetti, the fragment dates from the fifteenth century; the script might be earlier, hence the date given above.

Original Condition

Page Height: at least 205 mm

Page Width: at least 35 mm

Height of Written Area: at least 160 mm

Width of Written Area: at least 20 mm

Number of Lines: at least 29

Line Height: 6 mm

More about the Condition:

line height: 5.6 mm/line.

Current Condition

Dimensions: 205 x 35 mm

More about the Current Condition:

The fragment appears to be glued to a piece of paper so that only oneside is visible. It appears to be used as a flange.

Book Decoration


Rubric highlights, including references, e.g., I Regum.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: Latin
    • Title: Theological text?
    • Content Description:

      Many of the legible words hint at a theological context:


      ipsam virginem

      virga est

      in figura



      inimici quod

      super collum

      I regum

    • V3

Host Volume

Title: Lives of St. Gall and other saints, in verse ∙ The book Floretus ∙ Sermons by Peregrine of Opole and Jacobus de Voragine

Date of Origin/Publication: 14th century / 15th century

Place of Origin/Publication: St. Gall

Shelfmark: Cod. Sang. 587


Composite manuscript containing lives of saints in verse and other theological texts.

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