Book of Esther


Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 441.2

General Information

Material vellum
Script, Hands

Written in two columns of 43 lines, in brown ink in a small "pearl script" gothic bookhand measuring 2mm or less in height, with initials and numerals in red and blue ink; probably written at Paris. Includes later line numbering by 5s, probably written in the 14th century in England.

General Remarks

Possibly forms a part of a whole that would include MS Lat 441, 441.1, 441.2, 441.3 and 441.4, Houghon Library.

Original Condition

Page Height 160 mm
Page Width 100 – 105 mm
Width of Written Area 65 – 67 mm
Number of Columns 2
Width of Columns 30 – 31 mm
Number of Lines 43
Line Height up to 2 mm