Cluj-Napoca, Biblioteca Academiei Române, C. 56305

Remarks by the Editor

Description made during the Codicology I course of the Diplôme Européen d'Études Médiévales (DEEM), organised by the Fédération Internationale des Instituts d'Études Médiévales (FIDEM). Tutor: Adrian Papahagi.

General Information

Title Missale
Shelfmarks C. 56305
Former Shelfmarks Suggested order: N11, a. 7. 1b. L. 11., 77.D.22
Page/Folio Reference Wrapper
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Central Europe
Date of Origin 1401-1450
Script, Hands

One hand, Northern Gothica textualis.

Further notes on script: bow of h extends below the baseline, no dotting of the i, box-a throughout, forked ascenders of b, l. The script is not particularly fine or regular. The provincial aspect of the textualis might indicate local (Transylvanian) production.

Original Condition

Page Height 235 – 255 mm
Page Width 170 – 180 mm
Height of Written Area 170 – 180 mm
Width of Written Area 124 – 126 mm
Number of Columns 1
Width of Columns 124 – 126 mm
Number of Lines 21 – 22
Line Height 7 – 9 mm
Ruling Faint ink rulling, no extant prickings.

The distance between the two feasts (S. Marci, 25 Apr. – front cover; S. Johannis et Pauli, 26 Jun. –  back cover) suggests that we are looking at the extremities of a quire (recto of first and verso of eighth leaf?).

Current Condition

Extent one bifolium (lower half)
Dimensions 190 x 325 mm
More about the Current Condition

Overall legibility is not affected. The spine part of the wrapper is darker.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Red lombards (2 lines); highlighted initials (red, 1 line). 


  • Content Item
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Missale
    • Content Description

      front cover:

      [S. Marci, 25 Apr.]

      //Deus qui beatum Marcum euangelistam predicationis gratia sublimasti tribue...; Lectio Ezechielis prophete. Similitudo uultus animalium facies hominis et facies leonis (Eze. 1:10-11); V. Surgens Ihesus dominus noster stans in medio discipulorum dixit pax uobiscum (Luc. 24:36); marcum. In illo tempore dixit Iesus discipulis suis: Facilius est camelum per foramen acus transire... X Amen dico uobis, nemo est qui//  (Marc. 10:25-29)

      back cover:

      [S. Johannis et Pauli, 26 Jun.]

      //... Achacii Ermolai Alexandri et Marci et sociorum eorundem passione gloriosa ut quorum uotiuo letatur officio releuetur auxilio.*

      Johannis et Pauli. Multe tribulationes iustorum et de hiis omnibus liberauit eos dominus. Dominus custodit omnia ossa eorum unum ex hiis non conteretur (Ps. 33:20-21); P. Benedicam domino in omni tempore (Ps. 34:2-4). Or. Quos omnipotens deus ut uos geminata leticia...; Lectio Libri Sapientie. Hii sunt uiri misericordie quorum iusticie obliuionem non acceperunt... (Eccl. 44:10-11); Gr. Ecce quam bonum et quam iocundum habitare fratres in unum (Ps. 132:1); V. Sicut unguentum in capite, quod descendit in// (Ps. 132:2)

      * The legibility of the top line is affected by the turn-in. Suggested reading: "Exultet domine plebs tua..." 

    • C_56305
    • Remarks

      Possibly flesh side.



Central Europe, Transylvania (?). The quality of the textualis is average, which could suggest local production. 


Owners of the host book: 

  1. Domus Patrum Piarum Claudipolitana (1683); suggested shelfmarks: N19, a. 7., b11 (?)
  2. Bibliotheca Lycei Claudiopolitani (1833); suggested shelfmarks: 1b, L.11. Shelfmark suggestion based on the more recent aspect of the label.
  3. Romai Katolikus Lyceum Könyvtár Kolozsvár (as early as 1872 but probably later).
  4. Romanian Academy Library (1952); current shelfmark: C. 56305.

Another possible shelfmark can be identified: 77. D. 22.

  1. Unknown medieval origin and provenance.
  2. The manuscript was probably used to rebind the host book in the 17th century. The labels on the spine seem to confirm this. Local materials were often used for rebinding in Cluj.
  3. In the 19th century, the book came into the possession of the Bibliotheca Lycei Claudiopolitani (cf. ownership note dated 1833 on the frontispiece; stamp Romai Katholikus Lyceum Könyvtár Kolozsvártt, 1872 or later).
  4. In 1952, the book became property of the Romanian Academy Library (cf. stamp Academia Republicii Populare Române, Biblioteca Filialei Cluj, 56305-1952) where it received its current shelfmark.

Host Volume

Title D. Huberti Giphanii JC. celeberrimi Tractatus duo de ordine judiciorum, quem vulgo processum juris vocant
Date of Origin/Publication 1628
Place of Origin/Publication Schleusingen
Shelfmark C. 56305

The spine presents two labels. The upper one contains the title of the book: "Giphiani[i] De Ordine [j]udiciorum". The second one contains former shelfmarks (1b, L. 11.) and seems more recent.