Vita S. Joannis Chrysostomi


Alexandria, Patriarchal Library, Cod. 25 (olim 332)

Athina Almpani, MIET 2018

Remarks by the Editor:

There is no previous reference to the existence of this fragmentary leaf at the end of the Cod. 25.

General Information

Title: Vita S. Joannis Chrysostomi

Former Shelfmarks: Cod. 25 (olim 332)

Material: Parchment

Script, Hands:

Greek minuscule

Original Condition

Number of Lines: 29

Number of Columns: 2

Current Condition

Dimensions: 310 x 240 mm

More about the Current Condition:

The dimensions of Cod. 25 are 310 x 240 mm. The fragment appears to have been cropped to the same dimensions as the host volume.

The parchment has suffered some damage.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language: Ancient Greek
    • Title: Vita S. Joannis Chrysostomi
    • Content Description:

      [PG 114, NΗ' (LVIII), col. 1204-1205] Vita S. Joannis Chrysostomi [extended title according to PG : Vita et Conversatio s. p. n. Joannis Archiepiscopi Constantinopolitani, qui dictus est Chrysostomus (Greek: Βίος καὶ Πολιτεία τοῦ ἐν ἁγίοις πατρὸς ἡμῶν Ἰωάννου Ἀρχιεπισκόπου Κωνσταντινουπόλεως τοῦ Χρυσοστόμου)]

      Inc. (PG 114, col. 1204, lines 25-27) : (ὑπομέ)νειν˙ ἐφ’ οἷς | (χρῆσθαι πο)λλάκις λυπη | ροῖς συμβαίνει˙ πολλὰς | δὲ καὶ τῶν θείων ἐπιστολῶν | πρὸς Ὀλυμπιάδα συνέτα | ξε τὴν ὁσίαν

      Des. (PG 114, col. 1205, lines 24-26) : Ὡ, θαυμάσι | όν τι χρῆμα ἡ ἀρετὴ καὶ | ζήλου τοῖς νοῦν ἔχουσιν | ἄξιον; ὁ μὲν γὰρ τοσού | τοῖς κακοῖς ἔκδοτος

    • PLA_25_Vita_S_Joannis_Chrysostomi_recto
    • Remarks:

      The Vita S. Joannis Chrysostomi by Symeon Metaphrastes (c. 950-c.1000) is contained in PG 114. [Symeon Metaphrastes, op. cit. ed.  by Migne, P.G. CXIV. 1045-1209 (Paris, 1864)]. Cf. Annotated bibliography in P.R. Coleman-Norton, Palladii Dialogus de vita S. Joannis Chrysostomi.


Persons and Institutions: Alexandria, Patriarchal Library, Cod. 25b (olim 332)

Host Volume

Title: John Chrysostom, Homiliae in Matthaeum [Homiliae in Matthaevm: Homiliae XLVI - XC (ΜΣΤ΄- Ϟ΄), S. Joannis Chrysostomi]

Shelfmark: Cod. 25 (olim 332)


The MS is written on parchment, bound in a leather binding.