Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum

General Information

Title Hymnal
Material Parchment
Date of Origin after 1632

Original Condition

Height of Written Area 620 – 650 mm
Width of Written Area 390 mm
Number of Columns 1

Current Condition

Dimensions 710x 500 mm

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Opening letters of each hymn are red and blue puzzle initials inside decorated boxes with sawtooth borders. Verse opening initials are similar have single-colour lombard-style letters.

  • Musical Notation

    Square notation on a red five-line staff, six per page. Clef formed from three lozenges. Faint lines of division between each hymn line. Note shapes limited to virga, punctum, and lozenge shapes.

  • History


    The hymns text are those of Urban VIII's hymn revisions (after 1631). 


    Acquired in 1940s or earlier.