Amorgos, Panagias Chozoviotissas Monastery, MS 57

Athina Almpani, MIET 2018

General Information

Title: Troparion

Material: Parchment

General Remarks:

  • The written text of the fragment is laid out from left to right along the parchment leaf.
  • The fragment is positioned / attached perpendicular to the written surface of the codex.

Original Condition

Number of Lines: at least 12

Number of Columns: 1

Current Condition

More about the Current Condition:

The dimensions of the host volume are 190 x 145 mm. The width of the current fragment is approximately equal to the height of the host volume leaves.

Book Decoration


Decorated initials (Η & Δ) positioned to the left of the main body text.


Persons and Institutions: Amorgos, Panagias Chozoviotissas Monastery

Remarks (history):

There is no previous reference to the existence of this fragment.

Host Volume

Title: Canons and Stichera dedicated to Jesus Christ and the Theotokos

Date of Origin/Publication: 17th century

Shelfmark: MS 57


Paper codex


  • Catalogue: L. Politis, Συνοπτικὴ ἀναγραφὴ χειρογράφων ἑλληνικῶν συλλογῶν, (Ἑλληνικά, Παράρτημα 25), Thessaloniki 1976, p. 76.