Unidentified theological treatise, containing a fragment of Summa Theologiae, Secunda pars secundae partis

questio X, articulus 11


Toruń, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Ob.6.II.684-686

General Information

Title De infidelitate
Shelfmarks Ob.6.II.684
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Germany? Teutonic Prussia?
Script, Hands

Script and page layout very similar to fragment Ob.6.II.687

Original Condition

Page Height at least 200 mm
Page Width at least 135 mm
Height of Written Area 135 – 140 mm
Width of Written Area at least 85 mm
Number of Columns 1
Width of Columns at least 85 mm
Number of Lines at least 21
Line Height at least 5 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions 190 x 275

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Two-line lombard initials at the beginning of the chapters


  • Content Item
    • Text Language latin
    • Title Unidentified teological treatise with a fragment of Summa theologiae, Secunda pars secundae partis
    • Content Description

      back cover, fragment of Summa theologiae, 2a 2ae, Questio 10, art. 11: [...] Dicendum, quod humanum regimen derivatur a Divino regimine [...]  Deus autem, quamvis sit omnipotens et summe bonus [...] in quibus olim praefigurabatur veritas fidei quam tenemus, exinde provenit excessionem fidei [...]

      front cover: ǁ riu ut 1e vocatur sicud ministro et aufere ipsum vero domino [...] Usum de infidelitate quae est vicium oppositum fidei restat videndum de heresi [...] sibi melior videtur XXIII q. III [...]

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Germany?, Teutonic Prussia?


The host volume belonged to Urban Stürmer (Sturmius), about 1523-1565 (entry on the front pastedown: Urbanus Stormius M.[ariaeburgenis]), german poet, professor of the University of Königsberg (1555), conductor and cantor of the prince's Albrecht Hohenzollern chaple (see also: Ob.6.II.376, 633, 687, 2054-2055, 4680, 4682, Pol.6.II.256). We dont't know when the volume (printed in 1560) was covered with a parchment bifolium taken from the unidentified theological treatise (see also fragment Ob.6.II.687).
Urban Stürmer probably donated his book collection to the university library, which in 1810 was joined with the castle library, thus creating the Royal and University Library in Königsberg (1827-1944).

Host Volume

Title Vermanunge zum Sacrament Mit vnterrichtung noettiger Lehr vnd widerlegung allerley jrrthumbs. Georgius Walther M. Prediger zu Hall in Sachsen, Nürnberg M.D.LX. (VD16 ZV 13259)
Date of Origin/Publication 1560