Menologion of October


Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Nicosia, Constantinides II

Athina Almpani, MIET 2018 (Not Printed)

General Information

Title: Evangelistarion

Shelfmarks: Nicosia, Private Collection (II)

Material: Parchment

Date of Origin: 12th century (dating according to the script)

Script, Hands:

The text is written in a minuscule script.

Original Condition

Number of Columns: 2

Number of Lines: at least 25

Current Condition

Dimensions: 275 x 217 mm

Book Decoration


Two types (& sizes) of decorated initials at the beginning of rows. Most of them are placed to the left of the text block, indicating new sections.


  • Content Item
    • Persons: Matthew, Luke
    • Text Language: Ancient Greek
    • Title: Evangelistarion
    • Content Description:

      Recto: Matthew 7:12-19.

      Verso (first column): Matthew 7:20-21 & the memories of a number of saints and martyrs for the 14th of October. Verso (second column): Luke 10:16-19.

    • Priv. Collection (II), recto (option)
    • Remarks:

      Judging from the shape of the fragment, the folio was probably used later for binding of another codex. 



Lapethos, Cyprus


Manuscript no II (the present frag.) was lent by Dr. C. P. Kyrris for the Exhibition on the occasion of the First International Symposium on Mediaeval Cypriot Palaeography [see the note of the catalogue, p. 5].


  • Δελτίο τοῦ Ἱστορικού καὶ Παλαιογραφικοῦ Άρχείου. Δ'. 1984-1987 — Μορφωτικό Ἵδρυμα Ἐθνικῆς Τραπέζης, Athens 1988, ρ. 218.