Petrus Lombardus, Sententiarum libri quatuor, liber II

Liber 2, distinctio 19, cap. 3-6


Toruń, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Ob.6.II.633

General Information

Title Petrus Lombardus, Sententiarum libri quatuor, liber II
Shelfmarks Pol.6.II.633
Material Parchment
Place of Origin Germany?

Original Condition

Page Height at least 315 mm
Page Width at least 205 mm
Height of Written Area at least 250 mm
Width of Written Area at least 175 mm
Number of Columns 1
Number of Lines at least 28
Line Height 6 – 8 mm

Current Condition

Dimensions 285 x 185

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Two-line blue and red lombard initials, rubrics


  • Content Item
    • Persons
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Sententiarum libri quatuor
    • Content Description

      Front cover: [Liber II, distictio XIX, cap. 3] [Nondum spiritu]alia, non tamen mortus, quae scilicet necesse esset mori. [Cap. 4] Utrum immortalitas quam habuit ante peccatum esset de conditione naturae, an ex gratiae beneficio [Solet hic quaeri, cum homo prius mortale et immortale] corpus habuerit, utrum ex conditione naturae ipsius corporis habuerit utrumque… ><[back cover, cap. 6] ...Questio Augustini quomodo inmortalitas factus sit homo... [Sed alia est im mor]talitas carnis quam in Adam accepimus, alia [quam in resurrectione speramus per Christum]. 

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    • Glosses and Additions The notes of the two hands on the bottom margin
    • Edition Magistri Petri Lombardi Parisiensis Episcopi Sententiae in IV libris distanctae, t. 1, pars 2, lib. 1-2, Grottaferrata (Romae) 1971





The host volume belonged to Urban Stürmer (Sturmius), about 1523-1565 (entry on the front pastedown: Urbanus Stormius M.[ariaeburgensis]), german poet, professor of the University of Königsberg (1555), conductor and cantor of the prince's Albrecht Hohenzollern chape (see also Ob.6.II.376, 684, 687, 2054-2055, 4680, 4682, Pol.6.II.256). He probably donated his book collection to the university library, which in 1810 was joined with the castle library, thus creating the royal and university library in Königsberg (1827-1944).

We dont't know exactly when and where the volume (printed in 1557) was covered with a parchment leaf, containing fragment of Sententiae by Petrus Lombardus. We can assume that it happened on the initiative of Stürmer.

It belonged to the library in Królewiec until 1944. As a result of the evacuation of the most valuable collections of the library and the change of state borders after the second world war, the evacuated books found themselves in the territory of the Polish state. In July 1946, by the decision of the Ministry of Education, they were transferred to the University Library in Toruń.

Host Volume

Title Die Propheten alle deudsch. Auffs new zugericht. Doct. Mart. Luther. Gedruckt zu Erffurdt durch Melchior Sachssen. M.D.LVII. (VD16 B 3743)
Date of Origin/Publication 1557