Acts of the Apostles 2:3–3:17


Victoria, B.C., University of Victoria Libraries, Fragm.Brown.Lat.1

Remarks by the Editor

Description information entered by Paula Raimondi Cantu, a student in Adrienne Williams Boyarin's "In the Archives" course at University of Victoria (Canada), Spring 2021. The descriptive work was done by Erin Donohgue Brooke, a student in a previous term of the same course (Spring 2016). 

General Information

Title Bible
Shelfmarks Fragm.Brown.Lat.1
Material Parchment
Place of Origin France
Date of Origin 1250–1300
Script, Hands

Northern Textualis. A second hand responsible for rubrication and running titles; minor marginal corrections with signes-de-renvoi likely show a third hand.

General Remarks

Single thin leaf from a pocket-sized Bible. Text is Acts 2:3–3:17.

Current Condition

Extent 1 leaf
Dimensions 86 x 138 mm
More about the Current Condition

Single sheet of very thin parchment that is white, creamy, and well-preserved. Text is written in two columns of 46 lines each, in black ink with some rubrication and red splashing of significant letters. Dimensions are 86mm x 138mm (text area 63mm x 95mm, columns 23mm x 95mm). There is very little damage, though the leaf is somewhat warped, and the running header at top of recto shows evidence of trimming; no pricking is visible. Pencil ruling used for vertical columns, drypoint (?) for horizontal lines. Running title: AC / T(US).

Book Decoration and Musical Notation


Running header and chapter numbers are in alternating blue and red ink. One decorated capital P (for “Petrus,” on verso a5) marks the beginning of the third chapter of Acts; it is four lines high, in blue ink decorated with thin red penwork.


  • Content Item
    • Text Language Latin
    • Title Acts of the Apostles
    • Content Description

      The leaf contains nearly all of the second chapter of the Vulgate Acts of the Apostles, beginning about halfway through Acts 2:3 (at “dispertite lingue tamquam ignis”) on the recto, and continuing to Acts 3:17 (to “et nunc fratres scio quia per ignoran…”) on the verso.

    • Glosses and Additions Careful corrections throughout.



Donated to University of Victoria Libraries by Bruce and Dorothy Brown in 2003.