Case Study 1: In situ manuscript fragments in the incunabula of the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Bodleian Library Oxford, Arch Ge 5, g

Case Study

Partner institution: Oxford, Bodleian Library

Financed by: Zeno Karl Schindler/Fragmentarium Fellowship

Collaborator: Ruth Mullett M.A., Cornell University

Advisor: Prof. Nigel F. Palmer, Oxford University

This case study takes a step towards providing detailed in-depth descriptions of all in situ medieval manuscript fragments found in incunable bindings in the Bodleian Library. The descriptive entries produced will complement the printed catalogue, A Catalogue of Books Printed in the Fifteenth Century now in the Bodleian Library, and cover all records for sections ‘A’ and ‘B’. At the same time, the descriptions will fully integrate with the Bodleian’s digital incunable catalogue (Bod-Inc) and forthcoming online manuscripts catalogue, as well as the Fragmentarium platform. The descriptive model will not only be flexible enough to be implemented across these three digital platforms, but will simultaneously allow each catalogue entry to exist as a thorough, independent description.

Ruth Mullett (PhD 2017, Medieval Studies, Cornell University), is interested in how medieval literary history can be seen to move through a conversation with the cultural past. Her research interests include book history, digital humanities (particularly manuscript imaging and digital cataloging techniques), manuscript fragmentology, paleography and codicology, and museum and library studies.

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