Summer Histories


Victoria, B.C., University of Victoria Libraries, Inc.Lat. 5

Remarks by the Editor

Description completed by student in Adrienne Williams Boyarin's "In the Archives" course at University of Victoria (Canada), Spring 2021.

General Information

Title Breviary
Shelfmarks Inc.Lat.5
Page/Folio Reference binding
Material parchment
Place of Origin Germany?
Date of Origin 1401–1500
Script, Hands

Northern Textualis

General Remarks

Bottom half of a bifolium used as binding support in an incunabulum ( Petri lumbardi quem & magistrum  sententiarum, Nuremburg, Johann Sensenschmidt and Andreas Frisner, 1475/76).

Current Condition

Extent 1 bifolium
Dimensions 320 x 66 mm
More about the Current Condition

Bottom half of a bifolium used as binding support in incunabulum, visible at front of volume.

Book Decoration and Musical Notation

  • Musical Notation

    Staffless neumes visible for the responsory Planxit autem David planctu magno

  • Content

    • Content Item
      • Text Language Latin
      • Title Breviary
      • Content Description

        Text is readings and prayers from the Summer Histories (De Regum).

      • Incunabulum_open



    Host volume purchased by University of Victoria Libraries in 2019, from Cheffins Fine Art Auctioneers. 

    Host Volume

    Title Petrus Lombardus, Glossa magistralis Psalterii
    Date of Origin/Publication 1475 or 1476
    Place of Origin/Publication Nuremburg
    Shelfmark Inc.Lat.5
    Persons Johann Sensenschmidt and Andreas Frisner (printers)

    ISTC: ip00476000

    "Hain 10202" on flyleaf in pencil.