University of Victoria, In the Archives

UVic Special Collections reading room


Title of the course: “In the Archives” (ENGL 481) cross-listed with "Special Topics in Medieval Manuscript Studies” (MEDI 452), i.e., the course was for both English and Medieval Studies majors  

Instructor: Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin

Institution: University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)

Summary: Cross-listed between University of Victoria (UVic) courses ENGL 481 (In the Archives) & MEDI 452 (Special Topics in Medieval Manuscript Studies), this seminar operated during the COVID-19 pandemic (Spring 2021) in an entirely asynchronous online environment. It provided advanced undergraduate students in English and Medieval Studies with an introduction to medieval European palaeography and codicology, with special attention paid to UVic collections. Within the constraints and opportunities provided by the digital environment, Prof. Adrienne Williams Boyarin worked in collaboration with Fragmentarium (Dr. William Duba in particular) and UVic's Special Collections and University Archives (Heather Dean in particular) to teach students about UVic fragments, fragmentology, and the Fragmentarium CMS. Term projects then allowed students to research the fragments and create new Fragmentarium entries for them, including descriptions and transcriptions. Students created 26 new pages and made several new identifications along the way.

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