Digital Library

Fragmentarium’s primary objective is to develop a digital library specialized for medieval manuscript fragment research. Although based on the many years of experience of e-codices — Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, the Fragmentarium Digital Library has an international orientation. First and foremost it is conceived as a social platform for libraries, scholars and students to do scholarly work on fragments. It conforms to the latest standards set by digital libraries and will set new standards, especially in the area of interoperability.

In its fully developed state, the web application will contain a series of tools:

  • A cataloging tool will enable libraries, collectors, researchers and students to gather and describe fragments via a CMS.
  • A measurement tool will make it possible to measure the size of a gap, the space between lines, the size of letters, etc. – in order to compare documents and identify similar fragments or fragments from the same manuscript.
  • A tool for curated and social tags, facets and keywords. This will allow efficient research through comparison and cross-checking.
  • A tool to link and assemble fragments will offer the possibility to assemble cuttings and fragments of leaves or to arrange individual leaves in any order.
  • A collation tool will make it possible to visualize the order of leaves and show the current and original sequence of quires.
  • A transcription tool will contain layouts for transcriptions and critical editions.

In the initial phase of the project (2015-2018), the web application “Fragmentarium” is being operated as a “closed” laboratory in order to evaluate the potential for digital fragmentology through a series of Case studies, which have been developed in cooperation with our 16 partner institutions and with nominated fellows.

In the second phase of the project, the laboratory will be gradually opened and made accessible to a broader public, enabling libraries and collections as well as researchers and teachers to use this platform to catalog, transcribe, assemble and research fragments.

Fragmentarium’s web application is being developed by text & bytes LLC.

Fragmentarium offers free access to all of its services.